Teamwork the Key for YCIS

Hello everyone!

Sadly we had to say “goodbye” to another school from Hong Kong: Yew Chung International School (YCIS). They arrived with a lack of energy but that changed after the first round of outdoor activities!

Many of them not only overcame their fear of heights on the high ropes course and through climbing, but developed teamwork and leadership skills while rafting and working on the project.

Various schools around the region were happy to welcome the students from YCIS. At Huy Kok Moo School, groups of 12 conducted an interview local students. At Rom Thai, Huy Nam Yen and Huy Puu schools, our students conducted game fairs which they had prepared for the day before.

Based on my observations, that gave them a bit of understanding what is it like to manage a group of students of various ages and ethnicities. Lastly, I have to mention their full dedication and hard work on our Thomas House project. The students showed not only compassion, but also strong will to make a difference and help others.

Their contribution will never be forgotten, as well as plenty of other funny moments throughout their stay!

~ Ladi

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