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The instructor team are qualified, or experienced, or both. They comprise both expats and Thai graduates from Chiang Rai University. All instructors are First Aid trained and also have a variety of other qualifications. However we do feel that experience is of equal importance. Instructors keep a log book of all their instructor activities. A list of qualifications and experience is available on request.






Community Project Manager


Student Centre Manager


Assistant Instructor


Assistant Instructor

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As well as helping look after the resort side of the business (aesthetics in particular!), I am also involved with our extensive and expanding community projects programme and thus work closely with Q. This includes organizing placements for gap students and volunteers (of all ages) to support English teaching in the local schools. The schools are always asking for help in this area! We also run a project which supports the continuing education of local students who otherwise might be forced to drop out of school and by the latter part of 2017 we will have up and running a special needs centre (Thomas House) for children not in the school system. While living in Hong Kong I took a distance learning degree in Humanities followed by a PGCE at the University of Hong Kong. I taught history at Shatin College where we took regular study trips to Vietnam and during this time I became very interested in the Cold War history of South East Asia. Living on the Thai/Burmese border has continued that interest, particularly the role of the Nationalist Chinese (Kuomingtang) who finally settled in the area after fleeing China post 1949. We offer studies on the troubled border period of 20th Century linked to the IGSE.
Founding partners of the Maekok River Village Resort Project, Rosie and I came to take over the running of the Resort and Outdoor Centre in October 2002 when we left Hong Kong. I taught in the U.K. before arriving as Head of Geography at Island School in Hong Kong in 1982 where I developed a wide range of fieldwork in Hong Kong, China and Thailand. In my latter years at Island School, I reached the dizzy heights of Deputy Principal. Too many years ago I graduated from Oxford with a degree in geography and also studied at University College, London and the University of Hong Kong. In my time at Island School I also organised and led the several treks to Nepal and Northern India, ski trips to Switzerland and Canada and numerous field trips to China and Thailand. A life-long Spurs supporter, my motto has got to be ‘To dare is to do!!!’ Which I suppose sums up our leap from Hong Kong into the unknown of northern Thailand.
Sam is the most recent recruit and joined us as an internee in mid 2016 but was offered a full time job in May 2017. Sam adds a further cultural dimension to the team in that he is from the Akha hilltribe. He is rapidly developing his skills and experience and applies himself diligently here as well as expanding his English language. He enjoys travelling and meeting people in order to broaden his horizons. ‘Do everything with a passion’ is his motto.
SamStudent Centre Manager
Sang originally came to work in the restaurant, but because of his good level of English, we asked him to help out with student groups when the restaurant was not busy. It became obvious that he had a natural ability to relate to students and teachers and so moved across to the student centre full time. He has to led all activities, but his main role was assisting groups carry out community project. When Q, the previous community project manager left in July 2018 after 12 years, it was an easy decision for Sang to take over that responsibility. Sang is Shan and thus adds to our mix of instructors
SangCommunity Project Manager
My name is Montree Rommaikajee, my nickname is Tae and I come from Mae Hong Son province. I graduated with a degree in Tourism Management from Chiang Rai Rajabhat University. I enjoyed working with many different people in my previous part-time job as a waiter in a Thai restaurant in Chiang Rai, but fter I started working here at MRVR Outdoor Education Centre, I became very interested in the Outdoor Education Industry because I love the activities at MRVR. I hope to also improve myself, for example my English language skills, decision making, and leadership training. “I am a slow walker, but I never walk backwards”
TeaAssistant Instructor
My Name is Wanchai Saesong, my nickname is Chai. I come from Nan province. I graduated with a degree in Tourism Industry and Hospitality from Chiang Rai Rajabhat University. I am very interested in adventure activities. Before I came to MRVR Outdoor Education Centre I had the chance to work as an intern at Chiang Rai Bicycle tour. I really enjoyed it but I prefer working because of the wide range of adventure activities we offer. MRVR is also a good place for me to improve myself, such as my English and my leadership skills. “Treat others just as you want to be treated”
ChaiAssistant Instructor