Kind Words

St. Christopher's School, Bahrain
We have been bringing students to Maekok River Village resort for over fifteen years and we would not consider trusting anyone else with our pupils. During this time, we have seen the lives of many of our students transformed by the experiences and activities they are challenged with whilst staying at the resort. Even now, when we speak to ex-students who are approaching their 30’s, they cite the transformational experiences offered by the MRVR team as being critical to the future direction of their lives. The resort is stunning, you could not ask for a more picturesque setting for your students to embark on such an intense journey of discovery and if you haven’t already fallen in love with Thai food before you arrive, you will by the time you leave! Whether you are engaging in activities on site or undertaking community service work in Wat Thaton, the MRVR will cater for all of your needs and you will leave with a redefined understanding of what it means to see lives changed before your very eyes. Stunning place, stunning staff, incredible experiences.
Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok
Shrewsbury International School has a long and successful partnership with Maekok River Village Resort going back to 2003. Health and Safety procedures are a priority along with excellent educative outdoor programmes tailored to our needs.
St. Joseph's Institution (International), Singapore
Bryan and the team at Maekok have worked with our school over the last 5 years for both IGCSE and IB field trips for Geography, expeditions and service. We are delighted to use this centre as they have tailor- made and tweaked their offerings to suit our needs every year. We are also keen to support the MRVR due to their strong focus on developing social and educational resources within the local community. The centre facilities, staff, food and logistics are outstanding. It would be impossible to find another centre that would live up to the quality of the overall package offered by Maekok in such a beautiful and unique location.
The Prince of Wales Island International School, Malaysia
Take a high quality British field centre, culturally adapt it to Northern Thailand, include some excellent local instructors and you get the excellent and friendly Maekok Activity Centre run by Bryan and his team.
St. Andrews Anglican College, Australia
We have worked with Bryan, Rosie and the team for a number of years. I cannot recommend them highly enough for their professionalism in facilitating activities and projects that improve the global perspective of our students.
Quality Schools International of Zhuhai, China
Maekok River Village Resort (MRVR) is such a blessing to all students and educators around the world. The instructors provide a well thought out educational program that focuses on student learning and growth, which saves educators time when planning their Week Without Walls trip. From the moment we were picked up from the airport till the moment we left, we felt welcomed and safe. The MRVR educational centre provides elegant surroundings and dainty facilities and accommodations. Bryan and Rosie’s hearts are full of joy for the community, which is contagious for all. I highly recommend that if you are reading this and determining on what to do or where to go, that you book your reservations as soon as possible. You will not regret the experience!
West Island School, Hong Kong
Thailand Community Service is the trip of a lifetime! The long standing partnership between West Island School and the Maekok River Village Education Project has resulted in significant benefit to our students and staff. Blending elements of deep service through teaching and construction, as well as cultural and outdoor adventure activities, the week of experiences remains a sure favourite with our students and staff. The warm reception from MRVR goes along way to making the CAS week enriching and memorable. We basically feel that we are part of the MRVR extended family. The experiences of the week remain with the students long after the trip is completed. Long Live the Link!
French International School, Hong Kong
Without fail the Maekok Village Outdoor Centre delivers a very special week for our students. The programmes are varied and are run with professionalism and expertise. The French International School has been using the resort for their IBDP CAS week for years and will continue to do so. The facilities, accommodation and food are all first rate. They have super instructors and safety is always paramount. Bryan and Rosie are terrific hosts and do great work in the community. I can highly recommend the centre for an inspiring, once in a lifetime trip.
Christian Academy in Japan, Japan
MRVR allows our students to achieve our own school’s mission by providing the opportunity to serve the community in Northern Thailand. They enable our school to leave a legacy there, while also giving our students a chance to grow as individuals and as a team. Besides these lofty goals, our students have a wonderful, memorable time growing as leaders.
Quality Schools International of Shenzhen, China
Bryan and Rosie really have something special going at the MRVR. It’s amazing how from year-to-year they, and the instructors, remember returning staff and students. With all the community projects and outreach, it’s impossible to not feel deeply connected to the area. It’s also very eye-opening for students to see progress from previous visits, and see that their work is making a tangible difference in the community. It truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The MRVR really sets a high standard for what experiential learning is all about.
Canberra Boys Grammar School, Australia
Having taken five school groups to MRVR, I have no hesitation in recommending the centre to any prospective schools/groups. Bryan and Rosie at MRVR are inspiring hosts who model altruism, philanthropy and the promotion of cultural diversity. Their experience and local knowledge have been invaluable during our stays. Canberra Grammar students have had life changing experiences during their time at MRVR, made possible through the real connections forged with school communities during our well-managed community service placements. The outdoor education opportunities provided at MRVR have been a great way to connect with the local surroundings, whilst contributing to team-building. The cultural experiences provided have been enriching, and the resort food and facilities have always been exceptional. Bryan and Rosie are fantastic to deal with and have worked tirelessly to insure that our programs were well designed to suit our needs, and smoothly implemented. I cannot recommend MRVR highly enough!
Quality Schools International of Kazakstan, Kazakstan
I’ve seen students grow enormously because of their experience at the Maekok River Village Resort Outdoor Education Centre, gaining confidence in themselves and understanding the impact that their actions have upon others. Students are given the opportunity to learn that there is more in them than they realized. They will often come back to the classroom changed for the better and will reflect on their amazing experience in northern Thailand years in the future. Simply put, a trip to the MRVR is a guarantee for happy and engaged students and satisfied parents, and invigorated teachers.
Chinese International School, Hong Kong
I have been taking students to Maekok River Village Resort Outdoor Education Centre for more than fifteen years now. I have seen MRVR grow, and I have seen Bryan and Rosie dedicate themselves to becoming a part of the Northern Thailand community with understanding, respect and a caring involvement in the lives, language and culture of the Thai people. The respect shown to Bryan and Rosie by so many Thai people who live and work in Northern Thailand is a testament not only to them but to the many projects they have initiated over the years. Each year I continue to be impressed with the knowledge, expertise and professionalism of all instructors and leaders of the Student Outdoor Centre and the continued development of an extremely wide variety of programs which are available for student groups from around the globe. Students have the opportunity to challenge themselves physically, to bond as a group through teamwork, and to develop their self-confidence as they take part in activities which often have never been a part of their usual day-to-day lives. The incredible food each day in the restaurant, and when out in the countryside, is also an important part of what makes MRVR so memorable. Student lives are changed in so many ways, and their written reflections at the end of each trip could also be used as a testimonial to their development as young adults as a direct result of their experiences at MRVR. And, without exception, parents of students from all the trips I have co-ordinated, express their surprise, appreciation and gratitude for the increased self-confidence and responsibility they have noticed in their children on their return, which also has encouraged later siblings to join the trip as well. Over the years, so many students who have come back to visit CIS as adults, will find me and tell me that they still remember the amazing time they had at MRVR, and again reflect on the highlights.