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OEC Welcomes Students from Thomas House

Hello MRVR friends. Another great season is about to start and we all are very excited and busy making sure everything is set and ready. During our little break we have had loads of resort guests joining in various adventure activities and cooking sessions. However we have also welcomed...

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Thomas House Update

Thomas house is fast approaching the end of it’s 7th month. We are now home to 18 children ranging between 3-20 years. Having had a number of new friends join us since our opening day. Thomas house has offered a safe space to learn new skills, make friends and...

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Opening of Thomas House

Since the ‘first strike’ by Jenny a student from ISB, Bangkok, in February 2016 the building and equipping of Thomas House was finally completed this month and the first children welcomed in on Monday, 27th for the official opening. A very big thank you to all the schools, the...

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