We offer a range of activities broadly split into five areas. Click on the following to view more:

It is very rare for a group to opt for just one area of experience and even a group coming to do field studies for their IB Assessment or GCSE coursework will usually have time to do some of the fun activities we have on offer be it an evening ‘climb’ or a late afternoon Thai cooking course.

We do not have set programmes but instead like to offer a ‘menu’ from which schools choose activities. The balance of activities will depend on the focus of the trip, and the number of activities will naturally depend on the length of stay. The final programme will be settled only after thorough consultation about the aim(s) of the trip and what programme balance will achieve that aim.

Depending on the number of students we will divide the group and work in rotation. Smaller sub-groups means less waiting time in activities such as climbing, archery and high ropes.


Here’s a selection of videos taken by Christian Academy in Japan on their recent visit to the MRVR OEC:

And here is a quick story from our awesome three days kayaking expedition with brave and enthusiastic students from St Stephens, Bangkok: