2018 Off to a Flying Start!

Hello MRVR friends! The season is in full swing and as we have recently ‘jumped’ into 2018 let me just give you a brief recap of what has happened in the MRVR. We had a pleasure to welcome back many of our known schools such as West Island School (WIS), Island school (IS), St Josephs, Tanglin, Repton, Diocesan Boys New School from Bangkok, St Stephens.

Students and staff from WIS again demonstrated their unlimited determination and desire to help local communities by teaching and building at local schools. Students from IS on the other hand experienced big variety of our activities not to mention celebrating the end of their stay with grand finale rafting trip on the Maekok River.

The Repton School from Dubai had very interesting program as well, from biology & river studies, community project at local schools and our newly opened special needs centre to a variety of outdoor activities and evening fun games.

St Joseph students from Singapore on the other hand dedicated their whole stay to a community project at Huay Nam Yen school and interacting with students from Mae Mok Cham school. Not only that, students prepared a rich program full of interesting and enjoyable activities but also took all the local students for a day trip treat to Chiang Rai.

On Christmas Day we welcomed our last mix-aged group from Malaysia with challenging but interesting program. Some headed for their DoE practice to summit Doi Pha Hom Pok (second-highest mountain in Thailand). Others headed to explore the Maekok River and the area surrounding it on a bike, kayak and lastly, hiked to a campsite (where the kids had to navigate to themselves). The most valuable lesson for all of us was to learn how to cope with long, cold rain which seemed to never stop!

Thank you for reading

~ Ladi

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